Information about StaffСop

Information security issues are an important part of today's business. Our Chief Executive Officer Dmitry Kandybovich understood this back in 2006—and so Atom Security was created. The company's mail goal is to develop products and technical solutions for the following business tasks:

  • Control of information flows: what information is sent and where, how it circulates within the company
  • Reducing the risk of data leak: control of the channels used for communication and transmission of information
  • Monitoring of workplaces: control of the composition and changes made, as well as monitoring of the use
  • Ensuring a high level of employee performance: keeping track of working hours, blocking entertainment resources
  • Detailed event analysis using widgets, event relationships, and high-speed databases

The company's flagship product is StaffCop Enterprise, a software suite to ensure information security, employee monitoring, and system administration.